The Chamber

Welcome to the Belize American Chamber of Commerce

Building Bridges and fortifying Connections

We are a Bi-National Non-Governmental organization that utilizes a strategic network to achieve impeccable business goals for bi-national interest.

The Chamber emanated from Bi-National conferences of industry juggernauts exchanging ideas on market trends and business information systems and forging an alliance for broader reach.

Our membership list now encompasses the finest business icons and top-tier professionals of Belizean and American descent. At the BACC, you experience premium access to business trends, unparallel business advisory, and meaningful business collaborations.

Building Professional Bridges Beyond Areas of Specialization

Experience the placing of round pegs in round holes connectively. Meet seasoned experts from all walks of life who have one thing in common – a passion for uniting, exalting, and improving the Belizean Community with relationships and Opportunities.

Become a part of BACC at home and abroad and form a solid foundation for your professional success.

Areas of Interests

Members of the Belize American Chamber of Commerce have common interests in the following:

  • Transnational Commerce and Trade

  • International Business Law and Regulatory Compliance

  • International Policy Making for Improved Commercialization

  • Competition and Consumer Protection

  • Agronomy and Environmental Preservation

  • Access to Education

  • Aquaponics & Hydroponics

  • International Tax Laws and Concessions

  • International Banking Regulations

  • Energy and Electrical matters

  • Innovative technology

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Human Rights

  • International Trade Developments, etc

Our Services

  • Verified Access to Network in Belize
  • Verified Access to Network in the USA
  • International Compliance
  • Counter-intelligence
  • International Fundraising & Access to Capital Markets
  • International Trade Facilitation
  • Auditing Services
  • Professional Referral (Legal, Accounting, Consulting)
  • International Economic Development Agency
  • Branding and Marketing Strategy Consulting

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