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Belize American Chamber of Commerce – Building communities internationally for maximum growth.

We are a business community of professional individuals committed to the growth of commercial activities, industry & enterprise, in both the Belizean and American economies. We strive to contribute a positive impact to our respective communities from a socio-economic perspective, in good faith.

Our Membership Options

Become an industry player – Create a defining partnership via the BACC membership plans



Eligible to become part of the intended Belize American Credit Union (B.A.C.U.)

Access to our basic BACC Benefits



Become part of a strategic network

Verified Access & Referrals to both Belize & American professional networks



Featured & Highlighted as Sponsors in Communications & Special Events

Member of both BACC & local Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) in Belize

Dedicated Professional time allotted for the company’s specific goals & objectives

You are Invited

BACC offers you a unique opportunity to make valuable connections and access international resources.

We invite you to join a collection of the most vibrant professional personnel in the world. Ours is to:

  • A fast-paced environment

  • Facilitate growth,

  • Build bridges

  • Viable aid and industry information

  • Propel members in their chosen industry

The Offer

Building communities internationally for maximum growth. A Business community with a tripod approach toward improving all kinds of human and material investments:


connect with like-minded savants and industry players in diverse fields.


To support members with quality investment advice and community aid.


To solidify relationships for optimum resolutions

How do Our Members Benefit?

  • Strategic Network

  • Form a critical financial partnership

  • Position for Capital Alliance

  • Participate in Bi-National Government & Business Conferences

  • Access to the professional delegation at international events and symposia with immersive networking potentials.

Board/Executive Team & Special Advisors

  • Michael D Young, JM, LL.M., CPAML, Chairman / Founder, & President
  • Desiree D Young, MPA, ABD, Organizational Leadership, Education & Technology
  • Rishma D. Sooknandan-Eckert, Esq., General Counsel
  • Aria Lightfoot, MPA, MBA (c) Policy Analyst & Real Estate Development
  • Dylan Puerto (Belize Freight), Houston Representative
  • Lew Gallego, Certified Medical Specialist & Real Estate Development
  • Sharleen Henderson, New York Office Representative & Executive Liaison
  • Mason Halliday, Paralegal, Administrative Liaison (Belize)
  • Gilbert H. Canton, Special Advisor – Agribusiness & Economic Development
  • Steven C. Barrow, California Representative