Who We Are

We’re a dynamic business community dedicated to fostering commercial growth in both the Belizean and American economies. Our mission is to facilitate collaboration, innovation, and trade connections that transcend borders. Join us to seize cross-border opportunities, share insights, and drive economic advancement in Belize and the United States.

What We Do

Transforming Business Transactions since 2013

This year marks our Ten Year (10) Anniversary since the organization’s official inception launch in 2013; and over that time, the Belize American Chamber of Commerce (BACC) has opened doors to committed professionals, striving enterprises, and keen investors alike, via its Bi-National affairs.

We are building communities internationally for maximum growth.

Focusing on Projects and Investment Opportunities that Boost both the Belize and American Economies

Focusing on Investments Opportunities that Boost the Belize Economy

Utilizing relationships to promote key economic investments such as in agriculture, renewable energy, finance, education, technology, and real estate development.



The BACC attracts investments and tourists from all over the world to the wonders of Belize. We promote tourist activities and tourism infrastructure in Belize. The Chamber is home to many like-minded individuals and professionals working in tourism and opens an ocean of opportunities.

Investment Trade

The BACC benefits from the influx of impressive investors across all industries in Belize. A wealth of professionals is sometimes in search of lucrative endeavours &, other times, in search of investors. Trade investments include importation & exportation, mining, education, forex, etc.


The BACC’s interests in agronomy collide with the Belizean interests in facilitating economic itineraries such as the exportation of food goods, buying and selling in the local market, and green initiatives.


The BACC is at the fore of commercial negotiations and affiliations in Belize. The Chamber also engages in transnational negotiations for improved business transactions within and outside Belize.

Renewable Energy

Investments in Renewable and Clean Energy for the betterment of industries and residents alike.

Policy Making & Law

A team of legal practitioners whose practices and recommendations call for improving policy-making in the business climate.

Finance and Accounting

Funding, investments, and accounting regulatory compliance.

Our Members & Partners

Belize American Chamber of Commerce enjoys alliances and corporations with key industry players in the United States and Europe. Our strategic partners are cut across Belize, Florida, Europe, and the Caribbean Basin.


Are you interested in any of the above? Join our team of professionals.